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MP3Tag is the ultimate tag editor to organize your music
[Image: musica-audifonos-scaled.jpg?resize=1200%2C799&ssl=1]

If you have your own music library on your computer, you may want to organize your music. With MP3Tag you will achieve this by editing the tags of your MP3s.

Although MP3 music seems like a thing of the past in a time when all music can be listened to by streaming via Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music or Amazon Music, there are still those who have albums and songs that are difficult to find on the internet and that we keep in external disks or on the computer itself like gold on cloth. In these cases, organizing your music is a challenge.

If you have a music library on your PC or Mac, you may want to organize your music to find it instantly. Maybe you already have it organized in folders, but if you are a freak of order, the labels will help you so that your music is always accessible and organized.

Thanks to the tags, you can include additional information within an MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG or APE. Thus, in addition to including songs, it will include data such as the date of publication, the creators, the name of the album to which it belongs ...

A tag editor for everyone

Any audio player worth its salt allows you to edit tags. But MP3Tag is specialized in this function. Compatible with MP3 but also with other musical formats, it shows us the tags so that we can edit them, by hand or automatically.

[Image: MP3Tag-Main-Window.jpg?resize=740%2C493&ssl=1]

The manual method has no secrets. The automatic method, for its part, allows you to import data from online sources such as Discogs, freedb or MusicBrainz. Not only will you get data to fill in the labels, you will also have the opportunity to download album covers or cover art in English. So you can organize your music without hardly touching anything.

And if you are not convinced by the tags, don't worry, because MP3Tag goes further. On the one hand, you can rename music files from tags, so you can organize your music library practically without touching anything. You will also have the opportunity to create playlists and then play them directly in common audio apps.

[Image: MP3Tag-Export-List.jpg?resize=740%2C493&ssl=1]

You can even export the tags to HTML, RTF or CSV files in order to have a complete list of your songs and your music library so you don't lose any or to find a title more easily if you save your songs on external drives.

Available in several languages, including Spanish, you can download and install MP3Tag on Windows and macOS. The Windows version is free. The version for macOS has a trial period of 7 days, but then you will have to checkout to continue using it.
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