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Jorge Oñate dies: Colombia loses one of its great exponents of Vallenato music
[Image: nate.jpg?itok=_iOTAvhv]

Jorge Oñate, one of the great exponents of Vallenata music in Colombia, died this Sunday at the age of 71 at the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital in Medellín due to consequences left by the coronavirus, as confirmed by Mario Puerta, one of the artist's representatives, on his Instagram account.

Oñate, a native of La Paz, Cesar department, in northern Colombia, was hospitalized for more than 30 days for various health complications. On January 20, Mono Romero, his general manager, reported on social networks that "El Jilguero de América", as the Colombian singer was popularly known, was receiving "treatment for respiratory infection" at the Cesar Cardiovascular Clinic, in the city of Valledupar.

This Tuesday, the artist was transferred in an ambulance plane to the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, in Medellín, to continue his recovery treatment, where he died.

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, lamented the death of Oñate through his Twitter account: «Man of music, folklore, Vallenata culture and incarnation of the classic minstrels of our lyrics. Thank you Master for giving Colombia so much joy. Solidarity with his family and friends.

The Vallenata Legend Festival Foundation, national cultural heritage, also lamented the death of the singer on its social networks. «At the age of 71, the singer who lived and felt vallenato died. That he knew how to carry it out until the end of his days. That he deserved to be called ‘The Goldfinch of America’, ‘The Nightingale of Cesar’ and from today the legend.

Oñate, author of hits such as «Mujer Marchita», «Nido de amor», «Ruiseñor de mi Valle», among others, received in 2010 the award for Musical Excellence, awarded by the Latin Recording Academy.
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