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Free games for the weekend
Unless otherwise stated, the games to play for free on Steam this weekend are not yours forever.
  • Dying Light is free to play this weekend on Steam. If you are looking for a survival set in a post-apocalyptic open world full of zombies, don't even think about it. Great play.
  • Black Desert Online, the fantastic cut MMORPG, can also be played for free and this one you will keep forever if you associate it with your account before March 10, but be careful because they say "while supplies last". Just in case, run.
  • Deep Rock Galactic is free to play on Steam this weekend. It is a cooperative shooter where you will have to work as a team to excavate and explore a huge cave system full of ugly critters.
  • Descenders is another game that you can play for free on Steam this weekend. If you like bikes, it is essential.
  • Through the Ages, the adaptation of the popular board game designed by Vlaada Chvátil, is free to play on Steam. If you are into strategy and building civilizations, don't miss it.
  • Galaxy Trucker: Extended Edition is another adaptation of another board game by Vlaada Chvátil, in this case with a space setting. You have it to play for free on Steam.
  • Similo: The Card Game will help us close the free games section on Steam for the weekend and yes, it is another digital version of a board game. In this case, it is a cooperative card game.

All the games mentioned above are also on sale, so if once tried you like them and you want to keep them, you can buy them at a discount.

Epic Games Store
  • Sunless Sea is this week's free game on the Epic Games Store, and as usual, you'll keep it forever if you download it. This is a gothic horror RPG with a lot of exploration in which you captain a Victorian steamboat. Come on, it has it all.

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