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Spotify limits free accounts a bit more: they can't send music to speakers
[Image: 1366_2000.jpg]

Spotify limits free accounts a bit more: they can't send music to the speakers with Google Assistant "updated: it was a bug"

If just yesterday Spotify announced its new hi-fi music plan, today the service is back in the news because it has limited free accounts a little more. As they have discovered in 9to5Google and we have been able to verify, the free accounts have lost the possibility of emitting the content to the smart speakers and screens with Google Assistant.

It is unknown when this new limitation began to be operational, but we have created a free account and tried to cast the music to a Chromecast 4K and a Google Nest Hub and, indeed, the application detects the devices, but indicates that they are only available for accounts premium. On the other hand, and at least for now, it is still possible to broadcast content via AirPlay to a HomePod mini and a television.

[Image: 1366_2000.jpg]

Thus, those users who have a free account will be limited to listening to the music on their computer or mobile, but they will not be able to broadcast the music to a speaker. Added to this limitation are advertisements, not being able to choose which songs to listen to, not being able to switch songs as many times as we want, the reduced bitrate (the "Very High" quality is only for paying users) and not being able to download the music to listen to it offline.

As 9to5Google points out, Spotify has not yet updated its support pages to indicate that streaming to devices with Google Assistant has been restricted to premium accounts, but it is expected that it will do so at some point. They also expose that there is a small bypass that we can do, which is to link the free Spotify account to Google Home and ask Google to put a list or a particular podcast, but we will have to wait to see if Spotify also restricts this option.

In any case, it seems that the reproduction via AirPlay is still operational, since we have been able to broadcast music to a HomePod mini without any problem, as has been possible until now. The limitation seems to apply only to devices with Google Assistant and the only way to use them again as before is to checkout and purchase a premium account.

And in that sense, Spotify offers several plans. The most modest is the individual, which is worth 9.99 euros. Then we have Duo, which is for two people living under the same roof for 12.99 euros; the Family plan, which is six premium accounts for 15.99 euros and the plan for students, which is worth 4.99 euros per month.
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