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LeBron James announces his debut in the world of music
[Image: 16136422562544.jpg]

As he manages to survive without Anthony Davis by his side for a time and steers the Lakers towards the 'back-to-back', LeBron James has already left clues as to what his professional future may look like in the music world. . And it is that in a tweet, James has revealed that something great is being prepared in the music industry.

LeBron wrote this on Twitter:
My love for music is INSANE!!! I think I'm going to do a album. Oh no I won't be rapping or anything like that. I'm not crazy, I know what I'm great at, but I tell you one thing I do have. So many friends that can. ! Thinking out load .

Two things are clear in the message. He, unlike other players and former NBA players who released albums as protagonists, knows his limitations and will not do the same. But on the other hand, his list of artist contacts is extensive and the Lakers player is after a musical megaproject. LeBron's relationships with musical artists, especially Hip Hop stars such as Jay-Z or Snoop Dogg, a fan of the Lakers. Also with artists of the new generation like Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz or the late Nipsey Hussle. In 2018 he appeared on stage in a performance by Drake and Travis Scott:

His followers on the networks can attest to how active 'The King' is when it comes to talking about music, although this time what he has announced is his debut in the world of music that could see him become a producer.
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