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Taylor Swift loses all her music due to a macabre economic maneuver
[Image: f848x477-1017561_1075364_4547.jpg]

The singer lost the authorship of her entire discography and must re-record each song.

Young singer-songwriter Tayor Swift announced Thursday that she will record new versions of songs from her album "Fearless" and all of her past discography. The fact arises after having lost the authorship of its entire catalog due to an investment fund maneuver.
This is how Swift, who has a popularity that spans the entire world, only has 147 million followers on Instagram, must re-record her six studio albums in the "Taylor version" as she has come to call it. This reconquest of his work will begin with the publication of a new version of his song "Love Story", which can be purchased in its digital version for $ 13 or in a vinyl, CD and cassette version.

“I'm happy to tell you that my new version of Fearless (Taylor's version) is out and will be with you soon. It has 26 songs, including 6 songs never before released from the vault. Love Story (Taylor's version) is out tonight. ?? ”, were the words chosen by Taylor Swift to announce this new present through a publication.

[Image: f768x1-1017564_1017691_126.jpg]

In part of the long statement, the 31-year-old singer was positive despite having lost the authorship of her entire catalog. "This process has been more satisfying and emotional than I could have imagined and has given me more determination to re-record all my music."

The first album released by the artist in 2008 was made under the Nashville Big Machine label, which, as unfortunately often happens, had control of most of the rights to her songs. In 2019 Swift signed a contract with Universal Music that gave her the rights to her future masters, but coinciding with this change, the musical executive Scooter Braun acquired Big Machine and all the mastered recordings of the artist's first six albums, with several discs. platinum behind him. The purchase, valued at 300 million dollars, was carried out with the participation of the investment fund Carlyle Group and was later transferred to the investment firm Shamrock Capital.

[Image: f768x1-1017562_1017689_99.jpg]

Taylor Swift was very critical of that move, saying it stripped her of her entire life's work and blamed Braun, who represents other pop stars such as Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande, for being a manipulator and wanting to dismantle her work. "Artists should be owners of their own work for many reasons, but the most obvious is that the artist is the only one who knows the whole of his work," he concluded by way of discharge his statement.
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