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The rapper is a fan of Argentina

We have all fallen in love with the talent of Nathy Peluso. Argentina has completely conquered the urban scene, but among those millions of fans there is also Cardi B.

The rapper has proven to be a true fan of Nathy's talent. He did it two weeks ago by publishing a video while moving to the rhythm of Crime, the singer's single. She responded with a "Cardi, I love you". But not everything has been there.

Now the WAP interpreter goes further and publishes an Instagram Story while following the verses of Buenos Aires, another of the songs that Peluso included in her album Calambre. "Good music to distract myself from my mind. I'm always over-thinking everything. Libra mind," says the rapper in the text of the video.

Of course, this video has reached the eyes and ears of Argentina herself, who has not hesitated to share it and add some nice words. "Cardi, I love you, I came to Buenos Aires and I'll cook whatever you want," he says.

It is a luxury that one of the musical references at the international level ignores compliments for you publicly. But it seems that Nathy has forgotten that she too is a world star now. Of course, it is well born to be grateful.

At the moment it is unknown if both will be encouraged to share a song in the future, although it seems that the love and adoration that they have for each other will facilitate it. Do you think they are clues what they are subtly releasing through their social networks? What would you call the union between Nathy and Cardi B? Would you sing in Spanish or in English? Or both? We read you!
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