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10 movies and series to watch if Valentine's is not for you
[Image: 483688-critica-it-follows.jpg]
The best anti Valentine's series and movies

Tired of romantic comedies flooding your screens on Valentine's Day? Tired of February 14 (and its previous ones) love in its sweetest versions appearing to you on every corner? Even if you try to avoid it, it seems that Cupid has done his thing again. Today the little red heart is everywhere, including your Instagram or your online reference platform. And these are just some of the problems that the myth of romantic love leaves behind. But, calm spectator friend, in solidarity with you, we have created a list with 10 references so that you forget the “happily ever after”, at least for a moment. If as soon as you hear the word Valentine's Day you start to feel a kind of hives, this ranking is for you.
Movies and series far removed from idyllic love and fairy tales. Stories that get fully into the most miserable part of the human being, that put their finger on the wound and delve into the drama, that speak of atypical relationships or about couples beyond the normative.

'Forget about me'

We start with one of our favorite classics: "Forget about me." The title already gives us some clue as to where the shots are going. It was one of the first times we saw Jim Carrey in a more dramatic role. Accustomed to his more comical side, in ‘Forget about me’ the protagonist of ‘La Máscara’ is out. The film moves away from the idea of cloying love that Hollywood had us used to and deals with the bitter side: the breakups and second chances. The fiction that Carrey stars in with Kate Winslet begins like many others showing the beginnings of a perfect relationship. The passion and the fireworks at the beginning quickly turn into arguments and rupture. The interesting thing comes here, when she wonders; What if there was a machine capable of erasing the memories of a couple from your mind and thus not suffering? He finds her and decides to erase their entire stormy relationship. From there, the script mixes thought, dreams and reality. Leading us to several questions: Are we unable to live with what bothers us? Are we capable of building a relationship despite the differences that separate us from the other person? Can we put aside our selfishness and accept the other as they are? Do we really accept that nobody is perfect?


The controversial film by Gaspar Noé that made Cannes blush and made us believe that “cult” porn was possible. Do not take into account its title, because what Noe tells here has nothing to do with it. The film became famous for the explicitness of its first scenes (like a 3D ejaculation on camera), but what many did not expect was the sad story that accompanies this large amount of sexual content. The film narrates a tortuous relationship through the flashbacks of its protagonist. If you are a fan of the French filmmaker, you cannot miss this erotic drama written and directed by him.


If you haven't seen the movie starring Ben Affleck yet, this is the best time to catch up. It's one of those David Fincher masterpieces that will make you think. A psychological thriller about the mysterious disappearance of Amy, Nick's (Ben Affeck) wife. He himself is the one who informs the police that his wife has disappeared under strange circumstances and seems to be willing to do anything to find her, but soon the police and media pressure make Nick's portrait of domestic happiness begin to falter. Also, his strange behavior makes him the prime suspect, and everyone begins to wonder if Nick killed his wife. We don't want to make spoilers, but we do want to warn that it is one of those movies that your mind will remember for a while.

‘It Follows’

A horror movie could not be missing from this list. In addition, this one has an unusual script. Can you imagine that an evil spirit circulates around spreading sexually transmitted diseases through intercourse? Is there anything more terrifying than having souls harass you looking to pass on an STI? After watching this movie, you may be tempted to delete yourself from Tinder. But don't worry, it's just fiction for now.

‘Blue Valentine’

Perhaps the description that many give it of being one of the saddest films in the world is somewhat exaggerated, although the truth is that the realistic decay of relationships that this film reflects so well through Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, may make you think otherwise. The film is a sample of all that one gets to do to avoid the inevitable when love is over. In an attempt by the couple to return to what they created six years ago, they decide to spend a night alone in a hotel. From that room they will travel to the past and see the failures that made their relationship end forever. A couple portrayed realistically by Cianfrance, who took 12 years to make this film, but ultimately earned the praise of most of the critics.


It is one of the most successful teen series on Netflix. It consists of two seasons with 8 episodes each where black humor is the clear protagonist. Based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman, it tells the story of a bumpy road trip. A darkly comical story about two rebellious teenagers with or without a cause. An adventure in the purest road movie style that is worth seeing.

‘The maid’s tale’

The series has numerous awards and it is not for less. In addition to one of the most original scripts that we have seen in time, the performance of its protagonist is masterful. The story of a totalitarian regime that dominates the United States and that treats women as property of the state to procreate is unparalleled. In a world disrupted by environmental disasters and the lack of fertility, the few fertile women that remain are forced into sexual servitude. Offred is the name of its protagonist, a woman in her thirties who is forced to work as a maid for the Republic of Gilead. In all narratives, she is Luke's wife and the mother of a young daughter from whom she is separated with the goal of having children for others. Heartbreaking as well as essential.


For many one of the best animated series in history. They are not ordinary drawings, as this animation is totally designed to win over adult audiences. Its protagonist, Bojack Horseman represented in the figure of a horse, is an antihero who burdens all his relationships with both love and friendship. The series has 6 seasons and 77 episodes, for a reason it will be ...

‘Love Sick’

A British teenage comedy that introduces us to the love affairs of Dylan, its protagonist, who contracts chlamydia and is forced to contact all of his last sexual partners to get the study done.In all this shameful process he is not alone, he is accompanied by his two best friends: Evie, who is also caught, and Luke, a young man who seems to flee from commitment and who only seems to care about sex, although this is only a facade. Each chapter tells the different love stories that the protagonist has had through continuous flashbacks playing with that past and present time. Without a doubt, it is one of the great bets that Netflix rescued in its moment from oblivion to give it two new seasons.

‘I could destroy you’

HBO's revelation series this 2020 that deals with love relationships from the most rugged point of view, from sexual abuse. A miniseries that you will ask for 12 more chapters. The fiction tells us in the first person the life of Arabella, a carefree, rebellious young writer who wants to live everything to the limit. After writing a successful text that gave her enormous popularity on the networks, she is proclaimed as the voice of her generation. Now she has an agent, a literary contract, and enormous pressure on her. After being sexually assaulted in a nightclub, her life changes radically and she is forced to take stock of everything: her career, her friends, her love relationships and even her family. As Arabella struggles to accept what happened, she begins a journey of discovery for herself and others. An essential human drama.
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