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Karol G reveals when he will retire from music and his plans for the future
In an interview, the singer talked about when she plans to leave the industry.

Karol G is one of the singers who has achieved recognition thanks to her presentations at awards such as Latin Grammy, MTV, among others, in addition to becoming the most recognized female artist thanks to songs like Tusa, Mi cama, Bichota and more.

Although many followers hope that the artist will continue to perform songs that make reggaeton history and carry the name of Colombia further, it seems that one of her plans is not to stay for long.

The singer was the guest on Nicky Jam's The Rockstar Show, a space in which the Puerto Rican conducts interviews with various artists of the urban genre to learn more about each one's history. There, the singer told details of her personal life, her fears and her music, among other things.

When asked if she has other plans besides music, the Paisa singer mentioned: “I have many plans for the future, acting, I really dream of acting, being the bad, horrible part of the movie. It always happens to me that my favorite characters are the bad guys, because it's like the one that everyone remembers, the one that makes life impossible for everyone, that's the one I always dream of ”.

Regarding his plans for the future, he said that in addition to loving what he does and his career, he wants a family: “In this time of quarantine I have been trying to evolve in the business part, I sit down to think and say: ok, the music and everything is on track and well, but I hope tomorrow to have my family. ''

She also added that she wants to be a mother and ‘‘ to be able to retire from music for a while, being clear that there will be other businesses that will work for me and support me; So, as a businesswoman and business woman, I am there, as if evolving ”, she said.

Karol and Anuel AA

La paisa and her partner were the focus of the media and the networks from a rumor that began to emerge about a possible breakup.

The rumors were growing by a series of posts on Instagram by both artists. Their fans warned that they had not been seen together or shown their support in the last posts they had made.

However, those rumors were cleared when the same artist published an emotional image through social networks on her boyfriend's birthday, with a loving message with which she denied the gossip about the end of their relationship and confirmed that as a couple they are more stronger than ever.

The paisa published a photograph of both giving a big kiss and accompanied it with the following message: "May you turn 70,000 more years and hopefully all of me with me."

This also occurred in the middle of the announcement of Anuel AA's retirement from the reggaeton scene, in which he assured that he wanted to leave the industry to dedicate himself to his son, a decision that Karol fully supported.
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