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Content creators, these are the best websites to download music
[Image: image39adaf5b10fb812f.png]

One of the problems that content creators face is being able to add music or sounds to the created videos in order to give them more personality. If, in addition to creating multimedia content, we are virtuous with one or more musical instruments and we have knowledge of musical composition, we will not have that problem. But if, on the contrary, we do not have that knowledge, we will be forced to go to music or sounds from third parties.

Another option if we have knowledge of sound editing programs would be to make use of parts of third-party songs to end up putting them together and generating our own song. This technique is called “sampling” and although it has been and is widely used by renowned electronic music artists such as Daft Punk, care must be taken, since there have been several musical groups that have denounced the illegal use of their music or part of her. So if we use this technique we have to be aware that we can face a lawsuit.

That is why it is very important to differentiate between free music and royalty-free music.

There are authors who offer their music completely free of charge, but expressly prohibit its use for commercial purposes, so if we want to monetize your video, forget about using this type of music file. Luckily there are countless banks of sounds that are free of copyright, that means that you can download and play the music completely freely, it is not necessary to buy any type of license for its use and you can also use it for commercial purposes.

Best websites with royalty-free music

Next, we list some of the best websites where you can download music or sound banks to create content without infringing any copyright.

Epidemic Sound
Epidemic sound is one of the most popular websites to download music and sounds to add to our content. The interface is very simple to use and classifies music according to musical styles, among which we can find Hip Hop, Pop or electronic, among many other musical genres.

The website assures us that all rights are included so we will not have any legal problem when using your music. The application gives us access to more than 32,000 songs and more than 60,000 sound effects. It has two types of subscription, the personal one that is designed to create your own content such as podcast. This modality has a cost of 13 euros per month.

If we want to use it to create commercial products, we have the “Commercial” subscription that has a cost of 49 euros per month. Before subscribing we can make use of the trial version that allows us to make use of all the features offered for 20 days.

[Image: image5c741121fcf7204d.png]

Mixkit is another website where we can download royalty-free music. In this case, in addition to music or musical effects, it offers us to download videos, photos or templates from Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

In the musical section we can choose from a wide variety of styles such as Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop or minority styles such as Experimental, Drum and Bass or Ambient. In addition, depending on the feeling that we want to convey in our content, we can perform a search by mood. We can choose between happy, sad, romantic, etc, and the web will show us a list with the music according to the mood we want to transmit. One point in favor of this website is that it is completely free and it is not necessary to make any type of registration.

[Image: image5e184dfa4605805e.png]

Hooksounds is a website that follows the paid subscription model to be able to use its entire music library royalty-free. Specially designed for content creators who can add music files or effects that can be used on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Podcasts, Radio, TV or any other multimedia content.

It has a neat interface that allows us to easily navigate through the different musical styles or moods with which they label music files. One feature that can be very useful is that we can download the songs with the separate tracks. Something very useful if the only thing we want to use from that song is the drums or the guitar.

It has two types of mode of use. Pro and Business. The Pro mode has a cost of $ 29 per month and the Business mode $ 49 per month. This price is available whenever we choose the annual mode (a single payment). If, on the other hand, we want to pay month by month, the cost of the Pro version goes to $ 69 per month and the Business version to $ 99 per month.

[Image: image67f8d7a0704bde50.png]

The Foximusic website boasts of having the best royalty-free music bank to add to your videos or podcasts. In this case, one of the differentiating characteristics is that in addition to the subscription modality, it allows us to purchase songs on time, so if we create content in a timely manner it is an option to take into account.

Like most of this type of web page, it allows us to navigate through an extensive library that is classified by musical styles, popular songs, trends or mood.

It only has a subscription modality with a monthly cost of 8'25 dollars that are charged in a single annual payment of 99 dollars.

If we want to make a one-time purchase, the cost of each song is $ 39 that is paid only once and we can use it forever.

[Image: image77f4d36490c2fcac.png]

The last website that we bring you is Artlist. This application advertises that it has the best licensing in the market to be able to work on different platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, Twitch, etc. In addition, it boasts that companies such as Nike, Netflix, Adobe or Google among others have trusted them.

It has a very wide selection of music classified by different genres, as well as an extensive library of musical effects.

Unlike other similar websites, they do not differentiate between subscriptions for personal or commercial use, but rather offer three different modalities:

Music + sound effects. This would be the subscription with which we would have access to all the sound files in the library. It has a monthly cost of $ 25.

Music. If you only need to use music tracks, this subscription gives you access to the song library. In this case it has a cost of $ 16'60 per month.

Sound effects. Finally, we have the subscription to use only the library of sound effects. The cost of this subscription is 12'41 dollars per month.
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