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Karol G visits Comuna 13 of Medellín and surprises with music and markets
[Image: karol-g-visita-comuna-de-medellin-y-sorp...s.jpg?null]
The paisa surprised the people of her city, who also received it with great surprises.

In the last hours it was known that the singer Karol G toured the streets of Medellín to surprise her community with gifts.
Through some videos published by Daiky Gamboa, one of her great friends and who accompanied her on the tour, the paisa was seen delivering markets and music in one of the communes of the city.

“They are going to destroy us in the news, in the networks, they are going to kill me because I am here. The fact is, he couldn't come another time. I love Medellín, I love my city, I love my house. I bring gifts for everyone so that they know that we do not forget people, "said Karol, however it was evident the love with him was received by all his fans and the gratitude that they gave him on social networks for doing part of the work how are you.

Daiky, who was also in charge of sharing a large part of the event on his Instagram, said: “I was glad that Carolina told me 'Hey, we're going to distribute markets?' And that encourages me a lot (…) thanks to the people and artists for sharing with his people. She even lives away from social networks lately, but I managed to capture some super beautiful moments. The reception from the people seemed nice to me and how happy Karol was ”.

[Image: karol-g-sorprende-a-la-comuna-de-medellin-.JPG?null]

For their part, users on social networks thanked her by writing: "We Colombians love you", "I love her", "She is beautiful", "Excellent Karol, those are the beautiful things that make one believe in people again" , "you are amazing. Never change that nobility ”,“ present my Medellín ”,“ great gesture ”.

And there were others who also defended her from criticism: “stop criticizing. That makes a good artist ”,“ because of publicity it is not because she has not uploaded anything to her Instagram account ”,“ she did more than many people in the entire pandemic. He who wants can ”,“ if they give bad, but also ”.
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