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Selena Gómez joins Rauw Alejandro and Tainy to conquer everyone with her music in Spa
[Image: f768x1-1011240_1011367_77.jpeg]

The successes for the interpreter of the song “Hands to myself” continues and this time she promises to surprise us all with an egg theme in Spanish

Selena Gomez has started this new year with everything, since this month she released her first single in Spanish entitled “De una vez”, it has become a success and so far accumulates more than 45 million views on YouTube Because thanks to her talent and her unmatched sympathy, Selena has 206 million followers on her official Instagram account.

And as if that were not enough the interpreter of the song "Lose you to love me" on January 21 began her cooking show "Selena + Chef", it has been broadcast through the HBO screens, this first episode of the second season has been a success, despite the fact that there have been certain disasters in the kitchen and Selena has eloquently managed to complete the recipe successfully.

In addition to the above we can add that for years "Hands to myself" has been considered a fashion icon, for this reason the prestigious sportswear brand Puma decided to renew the contract with the artist to make "Cali" style tennis shoes. that will bear the name "Star Metallic".

A few hours ago Selena Gómez shared on her official account on Instagram a snapshot that took all the sighs, in it she boasts of her new professional project, which goes hand in hand with that of music in Spanish, this time joining her voice with Rauw Alejandro and Tainy in a single titled “Baila Conmigo”.

[Image: f768x1-1011241_1011368_269.jpeg]

The 28-year-old American singer accompanied her publication with the following message: “Dance with me ?? with @RauwAlejandro and @tainy available on January 29”, there is no doubt that any of the languages Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend chooses To delight his followers it will be a success and he has proven it on countless occasions.
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