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Let's talk about music today
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Through music we can express a super varied world of feelings that allow us to handle different emotions, either sadness or joy.

Music is a gift from God, so that human beings rest their spirit in peace, joy, emotion, sensation, memories and above all, in the grace of living in a wonderful world full of opportunities to be happy.

Through music we can express a super varied world of feelings that allow us to handle different emotions, either sadness or joy.

We can say that music is an artistic manifestation enriched by culture, a combination of rhythm, harmony and melody, one of the most popular fine arts and one of the most beautiful expressions of the human being, which allows transmitting a world of sensations, to through the combination of aesthetic effects emitted by vocal sounds or musical instruments, which arouse an automatic reaction in people (dance, body movements, humming, singing).

It is used by human beings to express ideas, experiences, thoughts, experiences, memories. Its importance not only lies in the aesthetic value or beauty that it can manifest through its lyrics and melodies, but also, because through it you can communicate with your peers or with yourself.

It has become a relevant social element today. Its evolution has been important, knowing that its existence dates back thousands of years, as well as the instruments used. It is even believed to be older than reading and writing.

Music can affect the human brain in significant ways. Listening to a piece of music can awaken beautiful feelings, or it can bring down our spirits. One of the most important aspects in which music influences is the development of intelligence

Listening to music from an early age allows us to develop verbal skills in a positive way, makes us more creative and stimulates happiness. Similarly, it reduces anxiety and minimizes stress.

When used therapeutically, it helps reduce pain, and contributes to the recovery of patients. Because it is a universal language, it stimulates everyone's ears with its rhythm and lyrics. Likewise, it promotes logical and mathematical thinking, increased language, and induces psychomotor development. For all this, its application in humans from an early age is important.

Psychotherapist Paul Ekman suggests that “all human beings share 6 basic emotions which are happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust and fear. We may have different education and languages, but these emotions make us human and music gives us the opportunity to express them. Music helps us to say the things that we cannot convey with words. If we feel joy, we need music, if we feel sadness too ”.

Music speaks for itself, and allows us to know who is composing it and who is listening to it. This describes styles, preferences, character, expressions, concerns and feelings, which give us elements to know by the letter, the style or the melody, their authors and the social groups that may like these rhythms.

In this way, it becomes a symbol in which people identify with artists, since they are represented in their most relevant characteristics.

Music is a melody that sweetens the ears, a rhythm that accelerates the heart and awakens emotion, a pause for sadness or a stimulus for joy, a motor that drives the feet, encouragement for the brain and excitement for the tastes. In short, it is an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful things that life gives us.

As an expression, it is one of the most typical creations of the human being. Both for its aesthetic form and for its social character. It identifies us socially, historically and culturally, as it is related to the styles that are developed in each region of the planet.

Music accompanies us everywhere and becomes the most popular expression that exists, since any style or rhythm can reach us through any medium. In this way, wherever we are, we can enjoy its effect in a simple way.

On many occasions, in the least expected moment, we move our heads moving to an emotional space of such magnitude that it makes us travel in time, bringing to our present moments that have become unforgettable, either for a person or for a space. in which an event happened in our life that became indelible.

It revives us, moves us, moves us, saddens us, makes us happy, speaks to us, reprimands us, reminds us, teaches us, cares for us, alerts us and makes us feel alive.

There are many heroes that they have made through their work and their way of life, which in multiple ways contribute to rejoice us through their creations and their styles, which have become inseparable companions in each of the journeys. of the path of our lives.

Music has always been an expression of love and joy for the benefit of human beings, for this reason, to all those who dedicate their lives correctly to this cultural area, thank you for speaking to us through its melodies, rhythms, lyrics and styles.
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