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Anuel AA and Ozuna premiere 'Los Dioses', an album in which they worked for 6 years
[Image: ?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftelevisa-brightspot.s...4350-n.jpg]
Latin American artists began creating this album in 2015 and seek to make history with it

Anuel AA and Ozuna surprised their followers with the launch of "Los Dioses", an album completely dedicated to reggaeton, full of songs for all tastes and that took 6 years to make. It was in 2015 when both artists got together to start creating something that would place them as references in the history of the genre and after so long, they finally launched their production with 12 different songs. "Los Dioses" presents in its first song, homonymous, a clear tribute to reggaetón that in the two thousand made everyone dance and pushed prejudices towards the genre, to later start his own creation.

There is something for everyone on the album, as they made a repertoire that is perfect for a different moment in your life. "Perfect" you could dedicate it to that person you love and want to recover; "La María" is a hymn for those who are willing to get up from their chairs to give their all; You can also find songs like "Municiones", whose rhythm is different from the rest of the album but it is the cherry on the cake that gives it a fresh flavor.

"We have a lot of chemistry in the studio, you will see the results when working on this album and we hope it will be to the liking of all the public", Anuel AA commented for Los 40, about his experience with Ozuna. Throughout the 12 songs there is no other guest artist other than Anuel AA and Ozuna. You can listen to it through your favorite streaming platform like Spotify, Apple Music and on YouTube.
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