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Donald Trump supporters use Green Day's 'American Idiot' on TikTok
[Image: image.png]

Trump supporters have been the focus of ridicule after misinterpreting the iconic Green Day song

Donald Trump supporters are being mocked on TikTok after using the iconic Green Day song 'American Idiot' for their videos due to misinterpretation.

In a series of videos posted on the platform, Trump supporters have used the song that was an anthem against President Bush, now trying to attack liberals.

In the different posts, some users cited the phrases of the song that spoke about "a nation controlled by the media", others commented, "Green Day always knew it, since 2004."

To further fuel the misuse of the issue by Trump supporters, Green Day has been critical of the US president for the past four years.

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong went on to comment, "I think it's inevitable that Trump will leave, yet he's holding half the country hostage."
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