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This is how they dance to Latin music in London; funny videos go viral
Latinos are recognized in the rest of the world for our music full of rhythm and our great ability to dance, and it is that regardless of which country in Latin America you live, rhythms such as salsa, cumbia and merengue are part of your day to day, but have you ever wondered how the inhabitants of other countries dance these genres? 

In recent days, a series of videos have gone viral in which a young woman exposed Londoners to dancing Latin rhythms, and the funny result has given much to talk about on social media and here we show you why.
It was through her TikTok account that the user @sofiachaparrorr challenged several young Londoners to dance to rhythms such as cumbia and merengue, adding miles of views, reactions and comments on all her videos.

In the series of videos published by Sofía we can see the British doing their best to dance to the rhythm of Latin music, and although some proved to be good at dancing, it is clear to us that American rhythms are carried in the blood of women. people who were born here and that this music is part of our day to day and, as the users pointed out in the comments, nobody can dance these rhythms like us. Have you seen foreigners dance this kind of music? They surely do it in a very different way than what we are used to.

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