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Don Omar seeks Sech to release new music
[Image: ACC43F9D-F15E-4730-9363-B3F0E71327C5.jpe...C955&ssl=1]

The urban exponent Don Omar, who has been absent from the stage for more than a year, is preparing to launch a new collaboration with the Panamanian Sech and other colleagues of the genre.

The artist shared a photo with Sech this week on his social networks and expressed that in 2021 he comes with new music.

“First Round 2021 #Heavyweight #TikTok. I was talking to @sechmusic a few days ago and we are ready to give you some great music. What do you say, are you ready? Raise your flag and let me know where do you expect music from DON OMAR (+) SECH? ”, He wrote on the social network Instagram.

In another publication, Don Omar let it be known that Ñego Flow will also join in for another collaboration. Prior to the quarantine, Don Omar was away from local stages.
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