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What bands and artists have you seen live in concert?
What are some bands and artists you've seen live in concert? I've kind of lived a sheltered life and haven't gone to many concerts, but one I remember fondly was when my sister brought me to see Smash mouth live. I was a big fan of them growing up, but these days not so much. It was still my favorite concert to attend. 

But, have you seen any bands/artists live?
I got to see Eminem live back in the mid 2000s. Went with a group of friends and also got to see 50 cent at the same show. As for others, I saw Greta Van Fleet recently in concert. They rocked it!
I've been lucky enough to attend a lot of concerts. My favorite one was a Disturbed/Shinedown concert I went to years ago. We were on the floor in the front row and it was a great experience!

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