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Country music that is good, any suggestions?
I used to listen to country music when I was a kid, but I lost interest in it pretty fast due to how samey it all sounds to me. There are bands and artists that I will give a chance, but most mainstream country music I can't get into. What are some country acts that are better than most of the mainstream stuff we heard on the radio these days?
I always liked Johnny Cash, but some may consider him more rock & roll than country, but I disagree, I think he fits in some genres of country for sure. As for other country artists, I'd recommend stuff from the 90s, maybe Tim McGraw, early Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and I'd also say Kenny Rogers is a good one.
There's not too much I like when it comes to country music haha but I did go to a Brad Paisley concert with a friend a few years ago and I actually had a lot of fun. He's got a few catchy songs and the energy during the concert was great. Give him a listen if you haven't!

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