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Paulo Londra: "I'll let you know when my music is coming out, just be careful ..."
[Image: paulo_londra_1.jpg_1956802537.jpg]

The cordovan ragpicker published a statement in which he reports the current situation of his trial with the producer Big Ligas, that his resolution is awaiting everyone so that he re-releases music.

After the rumor that the Cordovan singer, Paulo Londra, had won the legal conflict that forced him to put a hiatus in his career, the ragman denied this information in his personal Instagram account after publishing a story in which he stated that “ the trial is in the hands of lawyers and there are no results yet ”.

Paulo is involved in a legal scandal against his former producer, Ovi On The Drums, and with the producer, Big Ligas, who forced him to sign a contract that favored them, keeping all the rights to their songs and voice.

In the statement, he explained: “I thank you very much for all the support and affection that you always show me, you know that I owe it to you. I want to tell you that the trial is in the hands of lawyers and there is no result yet ”, quickly ruling out the possibility that he will release music again, at least this month.

And he added: "I will let you know when my music is going to come out, just be careful that there are people who spread false news to generate rumors and false expectations that later, if they are not fulfilled, cause harm," he concluded.
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