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[Image: Google-Play-Music-adios-septiembre.jpg]

Do it before they erase all your music!

Google has been warning for more than a year that Play Music will stop working, so if we want to keep our entire personal library of songs in its cloud, we have to move it to YouTube Music as soon as possible. And it has created so many alerts that if you access the old app right now, you will read again that it is no longer operational, so it urges you to switch to the new one.

Now, it is one thing for the Play Music service to disappear and quite another for that music library that you have been making for years to be lost forever, since the early days when you were digitizing your legendary CDs from the 90s. So you should know that from Google they have decided to make one last call to all Play Music passengers to retrieve their collections and get on the YouTube Music train.

Hurry to move everything
So that there are no doubts about what is going to happen, Google is showing a new alert via email to lagging users who have not yet finished completing the transfer from one platform to another: "on February 24, 2021 we will delete all your data from Google Play Music. This includes your music library, whatever uploads, purchases, and anything you've added from Google Play Music. After this date, there will be no way to get it back. "

[Image: 1589315830_552365_1589316018_noticia_nor...corte1.jpg]

So now you know, access YouTube Music right now, log in with your Gmail account and tell the application to make the transfer, which will not cost you more effort than just two clicks on the screen. The rest of the process will be handled by the platform in a hidden way, in the background so that, when it is finished, it will only show us a notification that everything is already in place and well saved.

YouTube Music is the only alternative for old Play Music users to keep all their songs, albums and purchases, and it has the same functionality as well as premium subscription options that, in this case, include the video platform, which will leave to show ads before, during and after each content, listen to everything with the mobile locked and even download to watch later without spending mobile data. In addition, it has the advantage that we can either listen to any song, or enjoy its official video clip, simply by clicking on a selector that appears at the top of each one.
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