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Corey Taylor assures that Slipknot could release a new album in 2021.
[Image: Slipknot-cover-header-1024x574.jpg]

The musician assures that the members of the band feel that there are "unfinished business" Huh

Corey Taylor has revealed that the members of Slipknot have thought about the idea of releasing a new album in 2021. The band would have released new material in 2019 with the album "We Are Not Your Kind." It would be during a new interview in which Taylor revealed that the band has one album left before their current record deal ends.

"The plan right now with Slipknot is to try and: a) finish the tour next year and b) We are thinking about something like making another album to release next year," commented the musician during his participation in the vlog 'Good Company' by Scott Bowling.

"But I do not know. I still don't know what the plan is yet. I just know that we all feel like there are unfinished business and we want to finish first. But I know we're talking about doing it, because we only have one album left before we finish our contract (with the record company), ”says Taylor.

Last month, percussionist M. Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan confirmed that the group used lockdown time during the pandemic to write new material for their next album. "Since everyone has taken a lot of time off, we thought we could use it by getting together and doing what we probably do best, which is writing music," he would declare. (via Blabbermouth).

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